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How to Avoid an Emergency with Your Garage Door Springs

11/01/2015 Back To Blog

The springs are small yet crucial parts of the garage door system that often go overlooked,as they quietly get on with their difficult jobs without being noticeable, as opposed to the other parts of the system such as the noisy motor. It is for this reason that they are often neglected or forgotten about as they silently rust and crack. There is only one possible outcome of this happening, and it is the unavoidable breakage. A broken spring, even a single one, means your door will not be able to budge no matter how many times you press the clicker. So if you wish to avoid that, have a read through the following tips on how to keep a close eye on your springs to make sure that they leave you with no unexpected mishaps.How to Avoid an Emergency with Your Garage Door Springs

Is that squeaking sound normal?

One of the first tell-tale signs of problems with a system is that is makes indistinct sounds when it is being operated. A squeaky spring could mean that trouble is on the horizon, then again it could mean nothing. To test this, lubricate your springs properly, or call a technician from “Garage Door Repair Largo” to perform some lubrication maintenance. If the sound still persists, then there is likely something wrong with them and you should look to getting them replaced before they break, which can cause serious injury and if you’re unlucky enough, even death.

It’s called a safety cable for a reason

Springs operate under enormous pressure. All that compacted energy will need to go somewhere if the spring breaks, and the energy can move in any direction, and is sure to do so at an equal amount of force as is stored in the spring. You don’t need a comprehensive understanding of physics to know why this is exceptionally dangerous for anything or anyone which may be in the path of the broken door spring’s trajectory. To avoid any dangers that this could cause, it is wise to keep in mind the condition of your safety cable, which is meant to take the bulk of the door’s pressure should any of the springs malfunction. Keeping a close eye on the cable is an absolute necessity for your (and your family’s) safety, and should absolutely never be overlooked.

Replacing the springs

In theory it doesn’t seem like a difficult task to replace garage springs by yourself, but for an inexperienced person, replacing your own springs can be exceptionally dangerous. If you are not careful, you could cause serious damage to your system which could lead to you forking out a lot of money for repairs. But the biggest danger comes to the people who use the garage later on, and most definitely to the person who is trying to replace them. Doing the job wrong could lead to the door crashing down on unsuspecting victims, and the process of repairing could go wrong enough to injure, maim and even kill a person in a freak accident. So you have to ask yourself, is it worth causing possibly severe bodily harm to yourself just to save a bit of money on professional services?

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