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What are Rolling Garage Doors?

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

Rolling type of garage doors differ from the folding type used in most homes. This style is typically used in commercial and industrial properties. It is stronger and built in one piece, as opposed to the multi-paneled folding garage doors. Thus, they last longer because of its durability. Residential folding doors tend to be stuck, while the rolling doors are built to withstand industrial use. You can notice most retail stores have delivery entrances that make use of rolling doors.What are Rolling Garage Doors?

Advantages of Rolling Garage Doors

Some companies specialize in residential roll up garage doors. This is a good alternative to the typical folding door. The look itself is very suitable for modern homes. Aside from the visual appeal, it is highly advantageous because of the level of security it provides. You can find that even those that feature openwork grilles and spaced bars that are built extra strong. They allow air to pass through, but provide security. Metal rolling doors are easy to maintain. They are coated with anti-rush finish. You can find them in full size, but there are others that do not go right to the floor. If you are in cold climates, you can use insulated doors that feature padding and weather stripping. They are compatible with various garage door openers. Experts assert that these doors are also fire-friendly, since there are some that close when a fire alarm sounds.

Most roll up garage door opens and closes vertically, but there are some that can work horizontally. The springs and strips found along the sides of these doors are used to guide a smooth operation. They allow the curtain, or the main part of the door to roll smoothly instead of shifting sideways. There are metal bars at the top and bottom to support the curtain against strong forces such as winds. A roller mechanism found near the door allows the steel curtain to coil around when the door is open. 

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