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Prevent Garage Door Intrusion

05/13/2014 Back To Blog

These days, garage doors are much stronger than before but, the lack of good maintenance and repairs can make them an easy target. Don't forget that the larger the surface of an entrance, the greatest the chance for intruders to find a weak point, fault or gap in order to enter your premises. At the same time, most garages are attached to the houses, which means easy access to the entire home and are used for various activities by families, which means more possessions at stake. Hence, you don't need only stable and durable mechanisms but also excellent service, immediate garage door repair when some parts get weaker or damaged and supplementary protection measures.Prevent Garage Door Intrusion

Damages may become threats

Safe homes require some handiwork, stable doors and locked entrances. You need to study the manual offered by the manufacturer well and follow the instructions and recommendations to the letter. When you hear strange sounds coming from the mechanism, don't pretend it's nothing serious before you check the reason. This is the meaning of repair. Get the right tools, ask advices but never neglect to fix the damaged garage door parts.

Build extra defense lines

  • Don't underestimate the importance of the door connecting your home with the garage. Keep it locked at all times and update the lock often.
  • It would be wise to install an alarm system on the garage doors or connect them with that of your house.
  • New openers come with several sensors. Choose light sensors not only for the inner part of the garage but for the perimeter and the driveway as well.
  • You can find inexpensive cameras, which would give you the chance to check your yard and the surroundings of your garage through your computer. It's amazing what technology can do and you must take advantage of it.
  • Take care of the garage opener remote. Don't let the kids play with it for their own safety and because they might leave the door open when you call them for dinner. Who can assure you that no one will walk in until you remember to shut it down later? It's better to prevent.


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