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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Openers

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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Openers

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Choose a belt-drive opener for peace and quiet

Our experts explain that this type of garage door opener works in the same way as a chain-drive unit. However, since the belt is made from polymer plastic, it does not produce the scraping sounds, which two metal parts make when they rub against each other.

Thicker is not always better

Don’t expect that the thicker u-shaped astragal used on a steel garage door is always better. You should always go for the perfect fit. Experts in garage door troubleshooting will always call for just the right size since having too much of it can affect the operation of the electric door opener. An overly thick astragal may erroneously trigger the safety reversal feature.

Keeping your kids safe around the garage door

It's typical for kids to be pretty curious with anything that catches their attention – a large humming door that opens and closes at a touch of a button is right up their alley. You should keep the remote and the wall mounted control out of their reach. Let them know it's not a toy. You should also talk to them about safety and if need be, you could set up pretty stern rules regarding playing near the garage door and playing with the opener.

Make careful inspections

One of the best preventive steps you can take with your garage door is to carefully observe it in action. Does it move smoothly or does it make scraping or possibly even grinding noises when opened and closed? Do the springs, cables and pulleys look symmetrical or are they out of sync with each other? If there's even the slightest problem, give our experts a call. We'll make sure everything's in perfect working order to ensure your door continues to operate properly for many years to come.


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